New Floral Black Eyelash Lace Lingerie Bra Set

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  • Material: 95% Polyester + 5% Spandex 
  • Made in: China
  • Shipping Time: From 10-15Days
  • Bra + panty
  • Farawlaya
  • The Farawlaya Company has released a stunning Bra Set called R80841 that is designed to provide both style and comfort to women. This set is made from high-quality eyelash lace fabric that is delicately crafted, and features targeted cutting design that ensures a perfect fit. The Bra Set is available in both red and black, and is suitable for women of all sizes, from S to 5XL.
    One of the main features of the R80841 Bra Set is its use of high-quality eyelash lace fabric. This fabric is known for its delicate texture and intricate design, making it both beautiful and luxurious to wear. The targeted cutting design ensures that the Bra Set fits perfectly, providing maximum support and comfort.
    The R80841 Bra Set also boasts adjustable neck and chest straps that can be customized according to the wearer’s body shape. This ensures that the Bra Set stays securely in place, without any slipping or sliding, and provides the perfect level of support and comfort. The straps are designed to be comfortable even after extended periods of wear, making this Bra Set perfect for all-day wear.
    The back of the R80841 Bra Set features a convenient hook closure that makes it easy to put on and take off. This feature also ensures that the Bra Set stays securely in place, providing maximum support and comfort throughout the day. The Bra Set has a customizable chest strap that can be adjusted according to the wearer’s size, making it perfect for women of all sizes.
    Finally, the R80841 Bra Set features a stylish and fashionable design that includes a hanging neck strap with adjustable length. This unique design allows the wearer to personalize the Bra Set to their own unique style, making it perfect for any occasion.
    In summary, the R80841 Bra Set from Farawlaya Company is a fashionable and comfortable lingerie set that is perfect for any woman. With its high-quality eyelash lace fabric, targeted cutting design, adjustable neck and chest straps, and convenient back hook closure, this Bra Set is sure to become a favorite in any woman’s lingerie collection. Don’t hesitate, get your hands on the R80841 Bra Set today and feel confident and beautiful!
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